Martina Chiriacò Answers Some Question About Herself And Ambitions In Life

by JAD

OFS: Tell me a little about yourself

MC: I am a soap-water girl, as they say, but all at the same time they are necessary, concrete and ambitious. I am of Italian nationality but I speak three languages English and Spanish and French. I live in a small city near Rome, although my research life is mainly concentrated in the streets of the capital: between study and work for photographic, editorial services

OFS: What does modeling means to you?

MC: Being a model is very important to me because I have found a way to emerge, to be what I am, I have simply found myself

OFS: what do you desire in near future?

MC: In my future I would like to take advantage of the modeling career: it is a world that fascinates me, to have benefited from being contacted in the various parts of the world, to pose and wear brand clothes of a certain level

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OFS: what motivated or influenced you to me a model?.

MC: My ideal types who have guided this world are the very famous models Bianca Balti and Sara Sampaio.

OFS: what has you achieved in modeling?

MC: Taking this path to date, I have achieved small and great satisfactions: how to wear beautiful clothes, be the official face of the Italian photo-novels “Grand Hotel” and many other beautiful experiences ..

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Don’t think about tomorrow.

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Special Thanks To Photographer: Emanuele Tetto - MUA: Chiara Macrì Stylist Alessia Ligorio of the atelier Madame Ligorì - Location: Villa Ada in Rome

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