Interview with Italian Cosplayer Giorgia Vecchini

by Editor

I want to thank Giorgia for joining us in this interview, Tell us a little about yourself for those viewers that yet don’t know you.

Hi everybody, my name is Giorgia, I’m better known in the cosplay scene as Giorgiacosplay.
I was born and live in Vigasio, a little town near Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet and I’ve practicising cosplay ever since I was a little kid.

What motivate you to go into doing cosplay?

There are many reasons, but I guess the most important ones are that I want to pay homage to the characters that were with me during my childhood and show the world how much I love them.  The allure of being someone else, someone special (maybe wielding magic or driving incredible tech) is also not to be forgotten.

Was there anyone in specific that introduced you into cosplay that is actually into it?

Yes and no. I decided to attend a a comic convention wearing a costume after having seen Star Trek fans and fantasy LARPers do the same.
So I told myself that if they could do that with the characters they loved, I could do the same with mine.  At the time no one knew that what I was doing was “cosplay”, we called it simply “dressing up”.
It was only after Internet became more widespread that I came to know the hobby had a name and that it was becoming popular worldwide.
So, yes, there was someone, a generic category of people, but I didn’t know them, and no, they were not into cosplay.



Do you remember your first cosplay personality and why you chose it?

Sure I do.
It was Sailormars from Bishojo Senshi Sailormoon.
At the time the anime was super popular in Italy and Sailormars was my favourite character from the series.
I felt she was a good fit for me as I sported long dark hair, much like her.

Have you gone to comic com in America and how many have you done since you been active in cosplay internationally?

I’ve never been to the likes of San Diego’s or New York’s Comic Con or to Atlanta’s Dragon Con, but I very much intend to.
This doesn’t mean I haven’t been active internationally.
Of course Europe is where I’m active the most: I’ve attended Iberanime in Portugal, London’s Grand Cosplay Ball, Paris’ Japan Expo.
But I’ve also attended a few editions of TNT in Mexico City, Comiket in Tokyo and the World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya, just to name what comes to mind.

Have you ever won any awards cosplay? What was the award for?

I’ve won a few, but the most important one is by far the World Cosplay Summit, where I won both as best individual and best National overall competing with my Silen from Devilman live action costume.



Are you working on a new cosplay outfit?

I’m always working on a new cosplay outfit ^_^
At the moment, it’s a specific version of Chun Li from Street Fighter, but of course I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise for when it’s done.

Do you have someone that motivates you and helps in regards to outfits designs or just words of motivation?

My family is a big source of help and I think it’s a very beautiful thing that we can work together as a team, creating something new from scratch.
And of course my fans are my main source of motivation for producing better and better costumes.

Who was the first cosplayer you admired?

I don’t know if he is still active, but during one of times I was attending the World Cosplay Summit I met this awesome cosplayer who went by the nickname of Goldie.
He was always donning Gundam costumes, but I don’t mean the characters from the series, I mean the mecha. And in a time when no one thought it would be possible to cosplay as a mecha, his costumes were perfect, with light and smoke effect and excellent mobility.



Was it easy for you doing cosplay in regards to family and the public around you?

Well, I’ve started doing cosplay when no one knew what it was, but I’ve always been the weird one, the one who was always drawing anime characters everywhere, and the one who had uncommon interests, so I’ve never minded the occasional annoying comment about my activities.

What do you do when you aren’t into cosplay?

My great passion is theatre, so I teach acting to a bunch of kids, but I also occasionally work as a voice actor, dubbing movies.
At the moment I’m also writing a book and a play and I’m also a presenter for cosplay contests all around Italy.

What would you advise anyone that is considering doing cosplay for the first time?

Start simple, with a simple outfit of characters you like, so you can replicate their attitude, their moves.
And if you have stage fright (which might occur even if you don’t have to go on an actual stage, since when you are cosplaying the convention you are attending is your stage), go in group with friends or family: it will help you overcome your fear and you can also exploit “the cheerleader effect” (as Barney from How I Met Your Mother would call it), gaining confidence for the next time.

I want to Thank Giorgia Cosplay for this time in answering our questions and thrilled to have her featured.

Thanks to you for this opportunity to talk to your readers and I hope they’ve enjoyed the interview and will come to visit me on my website or my Facebook page.


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