Melany Donadio: A traveling Model and Hostess

by JAD


Melany Donadio is a 24 years old model from Italy.  She was Born in Argentina on February 1996.
At the age of 5 her family moved to Italy due to her father employment.
At the age of 4, She was offered an opportunity to shoot a commercial for a brand of hair shampoo in Argentina. Unfortunately her father wasn’t interested at the time to have his child daughter in front of a camera.  This did not stop the passion that she had since childhood.
At 18 in Italy, a photographer who lived near the house told her “you will be successful, you will go very far” And so he did a photo shoot for her to prove that surely she had potentials as a model.
Until this day she appreciates the support and help from Photographer Pino.
Ms. Donadio has traveled around Italy for different types of work.
She has appeared on many music videos, the most beautiful in Florence with “Blancoz” (Michele Bianchini)
She has worked for really important brands, around Milan, Vicenza, Rome, Bologna.
But all her success she owe’s to all the photographers who encouraged and supported her during the shootings.

As of Today, Ms. Donadio work’s in a pastry shop in Chieti Pasticceria D’Orazio.
She has studied at the Nautical school taking the diploma.
Last year she relocated to Valencia for two months to study massage, getting her diploma as a masseuse with excellent marks.
Soon she will start the sports science university to finish her studies.
A goal that she feels she owe to her mother!
She feel fulfilled in all areas: work and school.
She considers herself a very stubborn girl, with goals to achieve, jealous but also very sweet.
She loves to eat, contrary to what some photographers feel its is a bad habit. Many photographers feel that a model appearance should be thin.
Fortunately, in her path as a model she has never had bad encounters, She has always been very selective in photographers.
She has a family that have always encourages her and supported her throughtout this model career.

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Special thanks in particular to:
Luca Mondin
Stefano Introvigne
Jade Mand
Domenico Lucchese
Andrea mallozzi
Alessandro di Pinto
Franco Fasciolo
Funny Enrico
Rodolfo C.
Gloria Marlowe
Mariano Fasciani ……
To trusted make-up artists:
Sara Della Penna
Emanuela Esposito

All images courtesy of Stefano Mancinelli




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