Exclusive Q&A With Greek Male Model Kostas Vidras

Tell me something about yourself?

I started modeling 10 years ago and I have to say that I love modeling. I have also graduated from the Fine Art University in Greece, I am also and artist. 


Tell me about Greece and its beautiful places and have you done any photoshoots in an of these places if so, where?

Greece has some of the most beautiful places worldwide. Two years ago I had a photo shoot in Mykonos, the experience was amazing. I modeled some luxury swimwear brands and the shooting took place in Nammos cabanas.


What is your goal in modeling? 

To be successful professional model What made you decide to be a model? I always liked fashion photography. Over the past years my friends have encouraged me to go into modeling. So ten years ago I decided to give it a go.

What do you believe is the key to success for a model? 

It’s a combination of things. Good physical and mental health, strong will, broad education, consistency, love for what you do. 


What types of clothes have you modeled before? 

I have modeled almost everything. I will tell you what I haven’t modeled. I haven’t modeled scarfs and gloves


Tell me about your biggest modeling accomplishment.

My biggest model accomplishment was to take the first place in a model competition years ago. I won the Fresh Face of Greece competition.

Who is your favorite designer and why?

I love Christian Dior, because the brand, the house, the history represents the elegance. There’s an old world appeal to it that makes me want to immerse myself in it because it makes me feel like I’m taking part in something that is timeless and will never go away.


What is your favorite photo in your portfolio? Why? 

It’s difficult for me to choose a photo from my portfolio because each photo has a story behind it. If I had to change one from it it would be the following one. I love the outfit and the pose.

Who is your favorite model and why? 

My idol is David Gandy, because in an industry dominated by skinny models, he built muscles and influenced some menswear fashion designers to move to more masculine models.


Are there any types of modeling you wish to avoid? 

I wish to avoid fitness modeling because I will have to change my body type


instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/vidras1

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/kostas.vidras

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