Getting personal with Fashion Model, Alessia Acquarone from Milano, Italy

by JAD

OFS: If you were to summon what it is to be a fashion model in Milan in a paragraph how would you describe it?

AA: Being a model in Milan is tough, but definitely rewarding when you book a job. I love meeting new people and getting to work with the most creative mind. Milan is definitely a competitive city, but I also met some of my best friends there and i couldn’t be more grateful for what the city has given me in the past few years

OFS: What would be your fear in the modeling world?

AA: I don’t really fear anything, but the answer would probably be :”getting lost” in the big modeling world and really loosing sight of what’s important to me. I feel like it’s really easy to loose your genuine side and just get your head up in the clouds once you start working for some important brand. Modeling is like a Rollercoaster, you don’t really know how it’s gonna be the following day, so just be yourself and remember who and what matters to you

OFS: What famous brands have you model for in the last years of modeling?

AA: Uhm, I’d say MSGM by Massimo Giorgetti, Alviero Martini and Maison Manuele Canu just to name a few. But I always had the pleasure of working with wonderful clients and even if I don’t mention them here, I’m very thankful to all of them

OFS: Are you represented by a modeling agency?

AA: If not who takes care of your modeling deals? I used to be represented by a modeling agency, but right now I’m working as a freelancer and I’d say that my mom is my momager, ahahaha

OFS: What are your greatest aspiration in life?

AA: Probably just being happy, surrounded by my loved ones. I’d love to be able to have the “financial freedom” that could allow me to live happily and granting a safe future to all of my beloved ones

OFS: What do you do when you aren’t dressed up and modeling?

AA: Uhm, either studying or hanging out with my family and friends

OFS: Who is your greatest admiration in the modeling world?

AA: There are so many inspiring figures nowadays that it’s really difficult to choose one only. I’d say Gigi Hadid just for how humble she managed to remain and for the constant work she does with unicef, trying to raise awareness and help children in poor countries

OFS: Have you ever done a nudesphotoshoot?

AA: No, never done a fully nude photo shoots

OFS: What type of clothing do you like to wear when you with your friends?

AA: I’d say just jeans and a sweater or sweatpants and a hoodie ahahaha

stay humble and focused!.
Alessia Acquarone

OFS: What type of movies you like to watch?

AA: Mostly romantic or comedy, but sometimes I like a bit of action too
OFS: Where would you like to be around the world right now?
AA: Probably in New York, I’ve been once and the city stole my heart

OFS: What advise would you give to an aspiring model?

AA: Just be yourself and never let other people tell you what you should be looking like or acting like Not everybody is gonna like you, but as long as you like yourself you’ll get, sooner or later, whatever you deserve.

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