Italian fashion model Alessia Acquarone

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Born in Milan, Italy on 22 October 2000, dark brown hair, light blue eyes, 1,75 height ,attending 4th year languages  high school , started as a baby model since I was 4 years old, my mother was asked to enlist me in advertising agencies in Milano and I did some tv commercials …it was a game at that time.
I started my real modeling career by chance in 2014, I was asked by a stylist to attend her fur catwalk , during thatShow I was noticed by some photographers who saw good potentials in me,  they asked me to shoot with them in several workshops. I started as a game, shooting after shooting, I had some good picts for my personal book and I took part to some agencies’ casting calls for international models in Milano. 
On September 2016 I won my first cover on a magazine and got twice among final finalists  for an important model agency in Milano. Some fashion designers for whom I took part to their fashion shows during 2 editions of Milano Fashion week noticed my commitment and love for fashion, confirmed I have a strong personality for this business,  so they asked to pose for their look books, I am now staging a fashion industry take over thanks to my strong will and love for this world. is English mother tongue, my Aunt lives in Germany, I was grown up in a multicultural melting pot so I am used to mix with people from all over the world since I was  a baby girl.  Traveling is the best part of this job, so I don’t deal, I just enjoy it!
When I am not busy modeling, my first and main  interest is school of course, I study hard daily, (it happened to me to study for school texts even during fashion backstages) I am good at school and I have very good marks, being in college from 8 a.m to 2.30 p.m. everyday fulfills my day, I am working hard with study because there is no good career if you have no culture, study will always take the first place in my life.
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Model: Alessia Acquarone – Photographer: Fabio Gottardo – Stylist: Elisa Sandoval Jamira – MUA:/Hair: Beatrice Bocca – Location: Piazza Gave Aulenti, Milan, Italy
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