Alexadra Vicente, Fashion Model of Portugal is Miss Lady in Red

by JAD

I Alexandra Vicente, I was born on November 18, 1999 I am from the Council of Mafra and since very young that fascinated me with everything related to fashion and television.

One day, when I was 15 years old I was approached by a friend of my parents, Elsa, who worked in a clothing store Moda Bijo Arte, by Joana Barreira Alves, to take some pictures in her store and do some fashion shows, we arranged the day and went. I met with the very nice photographer José Alves we made the photos of the showcase genre alive and from that day was the beginning of a dream. I started doing several fashion shows for both this store and many others such as Kebra Gello and S&R for which I made a catalog for the Cafofo brand, until I was invited to make a show at Quinta dos Jarros for the designer Nuno Vidigal, This one, by the way, loved my work and made a point of going on to him until today where he was also one of my sponsors.

Meanwhile I participated in Desifoto, a large photographic event in the garden of Buddhas dressed by designer Cris Silva in which I was the model revelation of the day. Through this event I met several photographers which gave me the opportunity to do several photo shoots to gain experience.

Later, I ran for Miss European 2016, where I went through several stages and managed to consecrate the place of Miss International 2016/2017. I also ran for Miss Revelation 2016 where I won the place of 1st Bridesmaid.

Having gained some experience I participated in the event held at FIL, Lisbon Design Show 2016 and 2017, where I had the pleasure of parading for various designers and getting to know them all a little.

I also started doing various photographic works such as fashion shows for African and Portuguese designers such as Joan Auguni, Samissone, Ana de Sa, Nuno Vidigal, Lena Gal, Madalena Toscany, Sonja, Olympe Zamore, Story Taylers and Micaela Oliveira with several photographers Ana Luar, Zito Delgado, Pasma Almeida, Onesimo, Paulo Teixeira, Ricardo Lourenço, Jose Antonio Marques, Joao Fonseca, Elke Dolci, Brian Hayes, Fabrice Meuwissen, Luís Azevedo, among others.

Being a dummy is a passion!
And the walk is done walking!
Alexandra Vicente

I participated in Moda África where I paraded for Joan Auguni, Ikilomba, Roque Wave and Nikola Conradie. Also at the Lisbon Fashion Show — 3rd and 4th editions. At the Royal Design Show 2016/2017/2018 and Green Fashion Week 9th edition

I came out in Moda Noiva magazine by stylist Natalia Mil — Homem Pereira, About, Visage, PreTend Magazine and was the cover of Vip Fashion Magazine.

I have been to the Now We RTP1 show several times for the Alexandra Simões fashion show and have also been to TVI, Cm TV and RTP África.

I was recently awarded at the 2019 Fashion Globes Gala as 2nd best dummy 2019.

At this moment I am 20 years old and I have been working hard to make my dream of becoming a professional mannequin come true and I will continue ….


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