Getting to Know Italian Fashion Photographer-Andrea Varani

How would you define/describe yourself under both points of view: professional & personal?

I would define myself as a “beauty hunter”.


Can You provide a brief introduction about your photographic style?

I think my photographic style is refined and elegant.


When did your passion for photography start?

From a very young age. My father was an amateur photographer and I shared this passion with him and experimented with the technique.

Regarding your photography studies,  and during your career as a photographer, Do you have any particular records that are special to you?

I’ve never studied photography, but since I was a teenager I’ve had good experience both in filming and in the darkroom.


Do you travel a lot for your job, If so, which was your favorite shooting place?

I have traveled a lot thanks to photography, I had the opportunity and the good fortune to be able to see almost every corner of our planet. However, the place that most excited me was the peaks of the Himalayas, you really feel like you are on the roof and have the world at your feet.


What do you like to show in your images and what do you consider a good image in your opinion?

I’ve been photographing women all my life with the intention of bringing out all that is beautiful about them, without stopping only at the outward appearance (I would be obvious and trivial) but above all I go to seek out in their intimacy what they keep most hidden.

Which special distinctive photographic service do you offer to your clients?

I make my taste, my background and all my experience available to my customers, always taking their needs into consideration.


When You choose a model to do a photo shoot, which are the details You take into consideration?

In choosing a model I tend to prefer skill, personality and interpretative ability rather than beauty. Then I am of the opinion that all women are beautiful and therefore it is up to me to value them.


What does fashion photography mean to you?

Fashion photography must enhance the quality of the product, it must enhance it without distorting it and therefore respecting it.

Which was your best professional experience?

There wasn’t one in particular, all of them, albeit different from each other, dwell in my heart and are unforgettable for me.


Which advice would you give to the models Who wants to shoot with you?

The only advice I feel like giving is to get to know each other in order to be able to best give themselves to the photographer and then simply be themselves.

Which Is the biggest succees of yr Life so far?

Professionally, I consider the greatest success to have had the opportunity and good fortune to exhibit my photographs at the Milan Triennale in 2014 in an exhibition of 250 images selected from among the best produced during my travels.


Your next coming soon project?

For the future I would like to work a little less and find the time to go in search of primordial beauty, starting from the Rift Valley in Kenya and arriving who knows where… THE HUNT IS STILL LONG.

You can find Andrea Varani at
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