Interview with Italian Actress/Model Chiara Berardo 

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am an enterprising and determined woman I am extremely sunny I love life … sensitivity and delicacy mixed with sweetness joy and spontaneity are just some of the components that characterize me … Eternal dreamer from birth always an incurable Romantic I always dream of Prince Charming arriving on his white horse! I strongly believe in values especially in friendship and love even if they are not always easy to come across…I am very dynamic I never stop I love to dance sing, I practice meditation I love to eat…above all I like traveling and always discovering new uses customs and cultures … I’m very simple but it’s in this simplicity that I’m also very articulate … it’s definitely not easy to be next to me ..
After all, I am a Libra.. I love beauty and a pinch of healthy madness that must never be missing … in love what attracts me is the mental chemistry which is fundamental for me … I am not satisfied but I believe in love


What attracted you to want to be an actress?

Art has enraptured me since birth… I recited, sang, danced from a very young age… it has always been an integral part of my life… with this passion in my soul we are born and die..


Was there a person who influenced you to seek acting?

No there wasn’t a person honestly… you recognize the love for this art, you feel it flowing through your veins..

Did you go to school or college to study acting?

With this passion, however, an actor is born who never stops learning and continuous study and continuous training are essential for his path and above all to be able to shine … I graduated from the Academy of Theater and have always attended all now various work laboratories and seminars on the method and the various cinematographic techniques; certainly humility is the basis of everything and must never be lacking…


What have you achieved as an actress ab?

My goal is far away..
however, I was lucky enough to make my passion my job amidst a thousand difficulties and sacrifices I had the opportunity to participate in various independent film projects each time playing a different character who contributed to enriching my baggage and above all nourished my soul … I had the opportunity to participate in various television programs and reconstructions of cases for docufictions … the goal is far away but I am on the right path and I will continue to fight to reach it …. never stop dreaming …


What kind of movies do you enjoy watching?

I love cinema … but I love getting lost in the romantic and dramatic genre …

Superhero or villain?

Definitely a lifelong superhero


Is there an actor or actress that you admire?

There are many actors that I admire …. from the giants like Al Pacino and De Niro up to Streep or Sandra Bullock or Giulia Roberts … I could obviously mention Sordi Gasman Magnani up to Francesco Favino that I adore etcc … and there there are many other colleagues of mine that I adore and are very good who are not yet very well known!

Which of these would you rather do, model or act in a movie?

In recent years I’ve had the good fortune to pose as a model … and I’ve always liked it being a bit narcissistic; but I definitely prefer acting all my life!


What would you advise someone looking to follow in your footsteps as an actress?

Good question! Definitely study study .. a good dose of humility respect a lot of apprenticeship and a pinch of luck!!! Today is a difficult road for those who love this art but not impossible as I always say there is nothing impossible and never stop dreaming!

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