Interview With Texas Model Dora Miller

Tell me a little about yourself?

Hi, my name is Dora Miller, I’m 58 years old, widow, mother of 5,grandmother of 12 grandchildren, 2 great grandchildren, started modeling since 2010 to 2022, now I’m just enjoying my fam & friends!!!


Tell me about your own magazine and what made you start one?

When I first decided to own my very own print magazine Little did I know how much work it would be, but at the same time very exciting, I was inspired to publish beautiful talent through the beautiful models and beautiful photos from the talented photographers, to hear their stories, to show the world their talent, I loved changing the themes every month or so just to change it up a bit didn’t want to bore my audience!


How old were you when you had this desire to be in front of a camera?

My desire to get in front of the camera was at age 4, lol.

How long now you been modeling?

I modeled for 12 years, just retired 11/2022!

Was there someone or model that inspired you to want to be a model?

Every since I can remember, I always loved to be in front of the camera posing and just loving what I was creating, I always wanted to be like the models in the magazines, lol, so one day I was in Miami and one of my daughters called me and told me she wanted me to go shoot with this photographer, she knew how much I loved it, and I was 46 at the time, lol, so I’m like nooooo, he’s not going to want to shoot me, well she convinced me and here I am today, so I think my inspiration to start modeling was my babygirl!

All your photo shoots are great but was there one that you just fell in love with?

Was there a favorite, lol, oh my gosh too many to count! ❤️


Have you ever done adult theme for men’s magazines?

Have I done any adult filming for adult magazines, yes I was in Hustler magazine, their cougar of the month, along with several other modeling magazines including mine very own magazines, DreamVixens magazine that you can find on MagCloud check out my DreamVixens collection! Also my very own solo prints Red & DreamofDora!

Have you ever done cosplay photo shoots?

Have I done cosplay Photoshoots, yes and they are so much fun to play the part.

What do you like to do when you not in front of a camera?

The things I like to do is when I’m not in front of the camera would be nothing, relax at home, spend time with my family and just do my thing chill, lol.


What’s your favorite foods?

My favorite food would definitely be sushi!


Best advice to any model wanting to follow on your footsteps?

Best advice I can give a model is to always do your homework before meeting up with anyone, and don’t shoot anything that you don’t want the world to see, cuz they will see them, enjoy every minute while you can, travel the world modeling is the best feeling ever!!!

You prefer dress or pants?

Do I prefer dress or pants, well that depends on the situation , if I’m just home or running errands pants or shorts mostly leggings, lol, and if I’m heading to the clubs dress ofc.


Types of movies you like?

Movies I like, hmmmm, I normally don’t watch movies, but I do watch action movies, solving murder shows, cops, cooking shows, house wife’s, 90 days fiancé, news,

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