Italian Fashion Designer Georgiana de Prisco

What or who inspired you to want to be a fashion designer?

Drawing has always been a part of me. I drew everywhere.  I grew up in a family where sewing was a very normal thing. my grandmother was a seamstress and my mom too. I was very young about 4/5 Years old and I remember that I often imitated them especially my grandmother. a piece of cloth, needle and thread. even if for fun because I liked it.


Did you study fashion designing? If yes where?

After high school, in 2011, I attended a fashion academy, the academy of luxury, with a focus on fashion designer. after completing my studies with very high marks, I preferred to continue my studies in an Atelier, first in Naples and then in Rome. I attended a private course for the making of haute couture clothes and tailoring. The academy for me was a sort of springboard, if it can be defined as such.


Who are some of your favorite designers?

My favorite designer is elie saab. I love fabric embroidery lace

What type of fashion designs you specialize?

I’m specialized in  manufacture of luxury formal dresses for women.All the items in my collections are conceived, designed and sewn entirely by hand by me


You recently took part in a fashion show, Tell us a little about it and tell us what fashion show?

5 high fashion rome in 2018 the most important of all the fashion shows, also broadcast on tv. the catwalk of the great stylists !!! The collection presented at the World of fashion high fashion rome in 2018 is a mix of three very important collections for me: Red coral underwater, Spring of flowers and Blue sensations. It is a mix of three collections because I wanted to show more sides of my creativity. about 50 luxury dresses


Tell me about your greatest achievement as a fashion designer.

It was a great success because I had a lot of visibility. I have worked closely with well-known celebrities both on TV and on other occasions of great importance.

Do you use computer/Mac software to design or you do it manually?

I do everything manually. starting from the design, the choice of fabrics, paper models and packaging


What ethics are important for fashion designers?

There is no particular ethics to follow. the important thing is to always be yourself everywhere.


How do you stay up-to-date on the latest fashion trends?

Internet. a great source of inspiration

Tell me about your design influences.

I love lace, I would use it anywhere. i love the style of the designer elie saab.


In your opinion, which celebrities have a great sense of style? Why?

Of the great celebrities I adore jennifer lopez, a mix of sensuality and elegance at the same time. for her always that time never passes.


What are your favorite trends in fashion, both in the past and present?

have not followed any trend. I only follow my fantasy and I always imagine what can please, excite and make you dream.

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