Q&A With Portugal Fashion Photographer Pasma Almeida

Tell us about yourself and your inspiration in your work.

I decided to be a photographer around 18 years old. As soon as I got some money, I bought my first camera. One Olympus OM


Do you have someone who inspired you and who would it be?

I wasn’t inspired by any specific photographer, I was seeing a lot and learning from everyone. But some I followed with more force, and I wondered, how they would have done that.


I see you’ve been involved in fashion shows and contests, tell me a little about the names of fashion shows and contests you’ve been involved in and how it boosted your photography career.

They started to invite me to photograph some fashion shows of small national brands that were just starting, and which I tried to match in the best way. By having access to some national magazines, I allowed their publication in them, which gave rise to the opportunity to photograph at Moda Lisboa and later become Official Photographer of Miss Portuguesa, which allowed me to travel a little, but with a lot of work in the mix. , but that’s how the name “Amazing” had some credits

Besides fashion, what other genres do you also do?

I once did all kinds of photography; photojournalism; Social; countryage etc…; but it was for fashion and portrait that I fell in love. Now I only do fashion.


What is your preference, color or black and white photo shoots?

I confess that I prefer Color, but I know that sometimes black and white is essential.


If you had a favorite lens, what would it be and why?

I really like the Canon 70-200mm 2.8 because it’s versatile.

Any of our favorite photo shoots out of the many that you think turned out exactly as you planned and envisioned?

One of the editorials that exceeded my expectations was for the clothing brand “DUO Versailles”, it went much better than I expected. The space was small and dim, but the models and the rest of the team took the work to another level.


What kind of camera do you usually shoot with?

I only photograph with Canon material, and I have several camera models.


What do you consider your greatest achievement and why?

The biggest achievement is having made friends with all the makeup artists, models, misses I’ve worked with.

This pandemic has slowed down photography. How did you handle this in relation to the photo shoots or did it not affect your work?

The Pandemic has affected all of us, and as fewer sessions are certain…but we have to be optimistic and hope that everything goes back to normal


What would be good advice for photography beginners?

For photographers who start again, what I usually say is leave the house and take the camera and watch… the rest comes later.


Instagram:Pasma Almeida


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