Interview with Danny from NuArt Fotografia

by JAD

OFS: Tell us a little about yourself and your business

NF: I work with sensual essays by ordinary women. Raising their self-esteem in a natural andย spontaneous way. Women of all ages and physical types

OFS: why the NuArt name for you or the name of the photograph?

NF: The name nuart came to exemplify the concept of pure, realistic, without taboos or prejudice

OFS: What kind of photo shoot do you prefer if you have a preference?

NF: No need to be naked but stripped of any label imposed by society

I identify with all styles but I also like the erotic and expressive more or the natural or conceptual.

OFS: Is Brazil a place to grow in photography? because?

NF: Brazil is limited,ย Culture is precarious It is the artist’s appreciation is very difficult But I fight to getย 

OFS: What is your workflow when preparing for a nudity session?

NF: My flow is good, Around 3 Trials in the month

OFS: Is it artistic artistic porn?

NF: It depends, Artistic for me, besides requiring techniques, you have to pass feelings. A vulgar badly thought-out photo and only with the intention of apologizing to sex is not art to me Art is contemplation. Technique, beauty, dramatization, if feelings

“E aqueles que foram vistos danรงando foram julgados insanos por aqueles que nรฃo podiam escutar a musica.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

OFS: What do you think the limits of naked images should be?

NF: something explicitly vulgar. That prejudiced or prejudiced female conduct. Devaluing the woman

OFS: Is it difficult to get models to do nudes in Brazil?

NF: despite being a culturally limited country, Is not difficult

OFS: As a percentage, how many reviews do you receive or someone you know about nude photo shoots?

NF: 20%

OFS: Any advice for someone who would like to follow in your footsteps?

NF: Study hard! Read a lot! Ignore other opinions! Follow your heart and your intuition.

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