Veronica Campogiani – Model and Makeup Artist

by Editor
Veronica Campogiani was born in Rieti on July 25, 1991. 
She’s always been a timid and reserved girl, but cheerful and lover of nature and animals, and my dream then was to do vet.
Although she often dove into dolls, packed with lipsticks and I always enjoyed changing my Barbie clothes. At the age of 7 She enrolled in the classical dance course. She loved dance, dancing, music that invaded your soul, but the comparison you begin with your body and mirror at that age did not make me feel good.
It is perhaps that the awareness of my femininity has begun.
She started to mess with pencils, mascara and lip gloss, and I realized that I was pretty good at handling these things compared to the girls of her age.
Since 2005, at the Commercial Technical Institute, I was the girl of the class the companions always wanted to be tapped. This is how her passion for trick, design and aesthetics in general is born more and more.
After graduating in 2010, She began working as a hairdresser apprentice in an important salon of my city. I liked working with my hair, but I knew every day more than my dream was another. She risked leaving the store and in 2012 I joined the Institute of Aesthetics and Look, where my path began to become aestheticist and onychinery. I always knew more about what I wanted to do in life: MakeUp Artist. She was the only one in the class who was fond of the make-up and who followed those little lessons with a cartoon attention. The first year I made my first little experience by tapping for a little parade and love became crazy. I was lost for that world. In 2015, She was qualified as a specialist aesthetist, but my dream was ever stronger, more present, more insistent.  Meanwhile, She have come to the fashion world as a model for a cultural association. I moved my first steps in the world of photography and fashion shows and She fell in love with it. After so many sacrifices She joined the Make Up Academy to finally become MUA. It was an intense journey, where I cried tears at first because I did not feel upset and I thought I would give up.
Then in Rome, during “HIGH ROME”, my great teacher chose me as MUA at the “Olimpo Fashion Show”.
From where an uphill walk started, I found my trust and nobody stopped me anymore.  She had the pleasure of coming in as a MUA, modeling and coordinating in the beautiful reality a photo group of young people, of which I belong. I have also done various works for ceremony tricks and other photographic shooting.
I started to work more assiduously as a photomodel and I realized and still realize photographic shooting ranging from portrait, fashion, beauty and glamor. I’m falling in love more and more with this world that allows me to marry my work and my greatest passion with the world of fashion.

“La vita è più bella se si vive a colori, ma meravigliosa se si colgono tutte le sue sfumature.”
Veronica Campogiani


I expanded my skills, study hours, preparation and training courses and I also became a professional tattoo artist. For her last set I had the great pleasure of posing again for Franco Fasciolo, with whom I have established an excellent friendship. We had already made wonderful fashion shots and set portraits that exalted me and my make-up.
Since I met Franco I have started loving my body and myself again. Together we have produced many beautiful images, appreciated in the photographic field and requested by various magazines. And with him I had the thrill of appearing on many magazine covers. This also helped to give me more confidence. With him I was able to take more glamorous photos that I never thought I would be able to take before. I don’t like vulgar photos and Franco is very careful in this. The result obtained left me very satisfied.
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